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Cruise: Mallorca Round-Trip

A true dream-trip: Touring around Mallorca is a diverse challenge. You will get to know different areas of the coast, multiple bays and Mallorca’s personal charm within one week.


  • The shining-blue grotto of Cova Blava
  • A below-ground sea concert in Porto Cristo
  • The circumnavigation of Cap Formentor

Weather information: Weather during summer is mostly ideal. Strong winds usually originate in the north. Sollér is the only sheltered berthing facility on the northwestern side of the island, which is why it is usually recommended to circumnavigate the island counterclockwise. Making use of the north wind, it should be easy to arrive in Port d’Andratx.

You have to keep in mind that there can be bad storms during fall and winter. During springtime, sea fog is not uncommon. Even throughout the summer months, there can still be bad storms, which is why thorough planning of your trip is an absolute must. We recommend listening to the island radio of Mallorca and getting information about the weather conditions on a daily basis.

Bay of Palma

Day 1: Starting point Palma de Mallorca

25 nautical miles

Your trip will start in the beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca. You will receive your yacht on the first day and get to know the crew. Make sure to get to know the yacht and run some last errands in the harbour of Palma de Mallorca.

You will begin to way southwards towards the small island of Cabrera. It is known for its pristine landscape as well as numerous little grottos and caves that can partly be reached by boat. Thanks to the deep water, it is very unproblematic to get into the protected bay of Cabrera. Anchoring is prohibited – so book your buoy beforehand.

Our tip for today: Visit Cova Blava on the north side of Cava Gandulf: The “blue grotto” can only be accessed by boat. The view is absolutely stunning due to its blue shimmering reflections.

Porto Christo

Day 2: Porto Cristo

30 nautical miles

You will drive towards the former fishing harbour of Porto Cristo on the third day. Today’s leg leads you along numerous wonderful bays. Make sure to take advantage of nice weather conditions and anchor in one of the bays in order to go swimming. Cala Domingos is located south of Porto Cristo and offers popular anchoring grounds from three to five meters deep. Plenty of bars and restaurants are close-by. Porto Cristo’s marina surrounds the stunning and natural harbour bay of Cala Manacor.

Our tip for your shore leave: Visit Coves del Drac, the “dragon caves”. There you will find a dripstone cave with the biggest below-ground lake in Europe. Classical concerts are played there on a daily basis.


Day 3: Alcúdia

33 nautical miles

The marina of Alcúdia offers great protection from mistral winds. You need to take care of the channel buoys while entering the harbour. Water depth is below three meters in certain places and you need to register before you tie up your boat.

The municipal of Alcúdia is astonishing with its historical city center and city walls built in the middle ages and during renaissance times. Moreover, there are plenty of leisure time activities and shopping possibilities. You can experience Majorcan history at the archeological excavation site of Pollenca.

Our recommendation for today: Enjoy delicious tapas or seafood dishes at the Bodega Des Port at the harbour of Alcúdia. Traditional Majorcan upscale cuisine and excellent wines are awaiting you for a relaxed evening.

Website: www.bodegadesport.com

Phone: +34 971 549 633

Bahia de Soller

Day 4: Sóller

35 nautical miles

A true highlight of your trip: The circumnavigation of Cap Formentor on the northwestern side of the island. Here you will get a spectacular view of the Majorcan coast. The harbour of Sóller will protect you from strong north winds. The popular natural harbour lies in the heart of Serra di Tramuntana.


If there are strong winds, approaching the harbour can be difficult. The water is deep and does not exhibit any shoals throughout the bay.


Our tip for your shore leave: The parish church of Sant Bartomeu built in 1236 is a great example of Spanish architecture. The front displays many different epochs: Gates and windows are still in a Romanesque style, whereas the walls were built in the 16th century. Today’s appearance is characterized by baroque structures and a neo-Gothing belfry. In addition, there is a modernistic front of 1904.

Port d'Andratx on Majorca

Day 5: Port D’Andratx

27 nautical miles

Cala de Llamp lies on the way of today’s leg. The luxurious Gran Folies Beach Club offers rentable daybeds and delicious drinks. Take your time to relax here at the scenic fishing harbour of Port d’Andratx before you drive back to Palma.

Our recommendation for an excursion: Isla Dragonera, the so-called Dragon Island is close-by. Anchoring is prohibited – the only way to get to the natural reserve is by a dinghy or by shuttle. However, the beautiful landscape and great biodiversity are worth a visit.

Bay of Palma

Day 6: Palma de Mallorca

23 nautical miles

You will drive along the breathtaking southwest coast of Mallorca and the luxurious harbours of Port Adriano and Puerto Portals on the last day of your trip. You can fuel up the yacht in Puerto Portals and sunbathe in the bay of Cala Portals Vells – it is also called “three finger bay” due to the three little sandy beaches that reach into the crystal blue water.


Our tip for today: Visit the capital Palma de Mallorca before you leave. Here you will find everything: from culture, shopping options to first class restaurants.

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