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Go sailing with friends: If you follow these 3 tips, you will experience the perfect trip

Sailing with friends

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Cheerful cooking evenings in the galley, relaxed parties on the sundeck and lively conversations on the upper deck: Having the best friends with you, make the sailing trip even more enjoyable. Especially catamarans provide plenty of space for six, eight or even more people. Those who would like to experience an unforgettable time along the coast of Majorca and Ibiza should make sure to book the season 2019 now.

As soon as the idea for a yacht holiday is born, you should definitely consider these 3 tips in order to make your holiday to an unforgettable experience


Before you hoist the sails and lift the anchors, create a common travel plan that includes the most beautiful sights in the region. This guarantees the right entertainment for the group. For example ask each person to organize one of the days: Monday’s go to the beach, Tuesday there will be a day at sea and on Wednesday, the entire crew meets for hiking – or go to a trendy beach club. Look forward to an unforgettable adventure in one of the most attractive sailing areas.

Marina or anchor bay

An important question of principle before every sailing trip: Rather have peace and nature – or enjoy luxury and lifestyle? Staying on anchor in a quite bay or rather in a marina? Self-catering or a professional crew? Every sailor has his own ideas for a perfect sailing trip. In advance, you should therefore agree with your friends about which yacht meets the requirements of the group.

Hire a skipper or bareboat charter?

The skipper carries the greatest responsibility on board. He must, of course, have a valid driver’s license for the boat and should also have sufficient sailing experience in sailing a yacht in the booked class. Especially when the rest of the group are newcomers in sailing, many leisure captains do not feel safe in the position of the fully responsible skipper. In order not to overstrain yourself and the group with the upcoming tasks on board, it may be useful to hire a professional skipper. So you can enjoy a relaxing time at sea and be driven to the most beautiful places in Mallorca.

If you and your friends are in tune with each other and can agree on a route, all is done to have an unforgettable sailing trip off the coast of Majorca. Now only the right yacht is missing. We at Marina Balear are happy to advise you and find exactly the right sailing yacht for your sailing trip – bareboat or also with skipper.

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