Bays and anchorages Ibiza & Formentera

Ibiza and Formentera Bays and anchorages


Ibiza is the third largest island of the Balearic Islands and known as the party island, but it has much more to offer. You can find this out on a sailing trip or a boat excursion. Because whether with a charter sailing ship or a motor yacht, nothing is more beautiful than the feeling of sailing across the sea and dropping anchor at the most beautiful bays.

As a yacht charter company, we offer boats of all sizes and types, with and without skipper. Discover Ibiza and Formentera and their most beautiful bays with us.

Ibiza offers a coastline of 65 nautical miles, which can be sailed around in a relaxed manner within a week. The island is not very demanding from a navigational point of view, as there are rarely any shoals. The north coast of Ibiza offers more variety than the south.

cala bassa

Cala Bassa

The irregular bay with low rocks and pine trees and the golden sand has calm, crystal-clear waters with good anchoring conditions on a bed of rocks and seaweed and a depth of between 8 and 15 metres.

cala espalmador

Cala Espalmador

Located north of Formentera. The bay of Espalmador is no longer ideal for anchoring and bathing, as the water is becoming increasingly polluted. Otherwise, it offers protection against almost all wind directions in the north. The southern bay offers an excellent anchorage.

cala jondal

Cala Jondal

The bay is part of the large Bahía de Porroig. The stretch of coast is very large and has a sand of pebbles with sandy areas. There are two areas suitable for anchoring, one to the east on a sandy bottom and another to the west on a sandy and seaweed bottom.

cala llonga

Cala Llonga

The deep bay is forested and there is a nice sandy beach in the apex. The anchoring ground is sand that holds well, overgrown with seaweed in some places. If the wind is from the east, the bay should be avoided as there is a strong swell.

cala moli

Cala Molí

A beautiful small anchorage with good anchorage ground. It is recommended to anchor in the middle of the cala, on a sandy bottom and a depth between 4 and 10 metres. Occasionally there are swells. On land you can visit a beach bar with restaurant and pool.

cala portinax

Cala Portinax

A very charming anchorage with a bathing beach, some restaurants and hotels. The bay is dangerous in mistral conditions as it is open to the north. The outer area is an excellent place for sailing.

cala salada

Cala Salada

This small sheltered sandy bay is a favourite destination for many boat owners, as none of the tourist ferries dock here. The water is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling. Anchoring is recommended in the middle area of the sea inlet.

cala san vicente

Cala San Vincente

This partly wooded bay has a slight wave even in calm weather. If the wind is from the south and east, it is better to head for Punta Grossa Bay. The anchorage consists of sand and sea grass mounds. There are hotels, restaurants and a supermarket ashore.

cala saona

Cala Saona

A small, picturesque bay surrounded by rocks in the west of the island. If the sea allows, you should anchor here. When there is no wind and a light easterly wind, it is a dream anchorage where you can watch the sunset.

cala savina

Cala Savina

A little north of the harbour, depending on the wind direction, a safe anchorage can be found. There are numerous restaurants, a few small bars and a supermarket. Since La Savina is popular with yacht owners, it has a slightly exclusive touch without sacrificing cosiness.

cala talamanca

Cala Talamanca

This bay lies to the east of the headland off Ibiza Town. It is quite safe to lie here, but it is directly in the flight path of the airport.

cala vedella

Cala Vedella

A very scenic bay with a narrow entrance that protects quite well from the swell. It is ideal for anchoring in the middle on a sand and seagrass bottom at a depth of between 8 and 12 metres. During the day, the bay is very lively and noisy.

cala d hort

Cala d'Hort

A beautiful cove with magnificent views of the rocky island of Es Vedra. The sea inlet has steep, irregular coastline surrounded by high cliffs that protect against winds and make the cove suitable for anchoring. The large anchorage ground is sandy and the depth is 3 to 6m. There are two restaurants on the beach.

ibiza city

Ibiza Stadt

The island capital with a large harbour that is also suitable for mega yachts. In summer, finding a berth can be difficult. Therefore, it is highly recommended to book in advance. The city is an exciting place and is known for its debauched nightlife. It offers a beautiful old town, romantic restaurants, nice city hotels and relaxed cafés. Enjoy a fantastic view of the blue sea and the impressive mega yachts. Anchoring is prohibited in the harbour of Ibiza Town.

island tagomago

Insel Tagomago / Island Tagomago

This small offshore island on the north-eastern side of Ibiza is one of the most beautiful private islands in the Mediterranean. A short swim stop can be made in the gorgeous bay to the west, which serves as a natural harbour.


Punta Grossa

The anchorage lies just behind Huk Punta Grossa, only one nautical mile from Cala San Vincente. With southerly winds, it is easy to anchor here on a sandy anchorage with occasional stones.



A small bay opening to the south-west and protected by high cliffs. The setting is breathtaking. The water is crystal clear and wonderful for snorkelling.


Ses Salines

The bay is situated about 11 km from Eivissa. The coast is almost untouched and has a fine sandy white beach. The water and underwater conditions are ideal for anchoring, the bottom consists of sand and few rocks at a depth of between 4 and 10 metres.