Bays and anchorages Mallorca

Mallorca Bays and anchorages


Take the boat out to sea, anchor in an idyllic bay and enjoy a fantastic day of swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. The fantastic sailing area off Mallorca’s coast offers numerous beautiful anchorages.

Mallorca is characterised by three huge bays: Bahia de Palma in the south, Bahia de Pollença in the north and Bahia de Alcúdia in the northeast. In addition, numerous other open bays and endless sandy beaches adorn the coast. Along the southwestern, southern and southeastern stretches of coastline, you will find safe anchorages, anchorages with beaches and well-equipped marinas. In total, Mallorca has 555 kilometres of coastline.

bay port de soller

Bahia de Soller

This lagoon-like bay is home to the only truly safe anchorage on the entire northwest coast, framed by high cliffs. A trip to Soller is also worth seeing, to take a ride on the funicular and have a meal in the village square.

bay palma

Bay of Palma

One of the most attractive boating destinations in Europe, centre of specialist nautical businesses and home port to numerous charter bases. Good anchorage ground is directly in front of Palma Cathedral and near an old concrete pier at Club Anima Beach (, towards Portitxol marina. In stronger winds, the best shelter is near the “Varadero” bar, level with the cathedral. When anchoring, watch out for the pipelines coming from the land.



The tranquil island archipelago of Carbera with its natural harbour offers a nice contrast to busy Palma. Buoy places must be reserved and paid for online in advance, and anchoring is prohibited. Once this hurdle has been cleared, you can enjoy the tranquil nature reserve with its many bays and caves to the full. Please note that pets may not be brought ashore at any time.

cala arenal de castell

Cala Arsenau

A hidden, small, rocky bathing bay with a sandy anchoring ground at a depth of 5 – 2.5 metres. Cala Arsenau is located near the former fishing village of Portocolom. Here you can swim in the crystal-clear Caribbean water in peace and quiet or enjoy a snack in the chiringuito.

cala blava

Cala Blava

A pretty little cove between rocks covered with pine trees and shrubs. The seabed is sandy and has a depth of 3 – 4 metres. Both locals and tourists enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the blue bay. There are neither deckchairs nor catering here, so you should provide your own food. Especially in high summer, the bay is well frequented.

cala arenal de castell

Cala Castell

The quiet bay of Cala Castell is about 12.8 kilometres from Pollença. Its beautiful, wild beach forms the end of an impressive gorge. When there is no strong wind from the north, the bay offers good opportunities for anchoring. Here you can swim undisturbed and enjoy the sun.

cala comtessa

Cala Comtessa

The cove is located between the headland of Punta des Bufador and Platja d’Illetas. The water and underwater conditions are ideal for anchoring, with a sandy and seaweed bottom at a depth of 2 to 3 metres. Be careful when passing between Illot de Sa Caleta and Illot de S’Estenedor, there are some shallows.

cala deia

Cala Deià

Cala Deià is a cove surrounded by steep cliffs on the west coast of Mallorca. For anchoring, the area opposite the jetty over gravel and rocky ground of four metres is recommended. The other area is less suitable due to the strong northerly winds, the sandy and stony bottom is not very safe.

cala falco

Cala Falcó

A secluded, small bathing bay with a picturesque beach framed by rocks and pine trees. The bay is very well protected from the wind and the coastal area has a sandy bottom with seaweed, so it is ideal for anchoring. There is a beach bar on the beach ( with very good Mediterranean cuisine.

cala figüra

Cala Figuera

In this picturesque, deeply forked bay near Santanyí, you can swim in crystal-clear water without being disturbed by mass tourism and excessive development. The village itself is a former fishing village that has managed to retain its quaint, original charm to this day.

cala formentor

Cala Formentor

The long, narrow bay is about 3.5 nautical miles from Port de Pollença and the water and underwater conditions are excellent for anchoring. However, care should be taken with winds from the south, south-east and south-west. Please note the shallow water depth off the coast of only one metre.

cala fornels

Cala Fornells

Cala Fornells is a small inlet near Paguera. The coast is rather steep and rocky. There are numerous private houses and restaurants on land. The water and underwater conditions are suitable for anchoring, although it is recommended that you prefer to anchor in the neighbouring Caló de ses Llises. The bottom consists of sand and rock at a depth of 4 to 6 metres. Just in the next small bay of Paguera you can visit the beach restaurant Niza ( with fresh Spanish specialities and tapas.

cala llamp

Cala LLamp

A beautiful rocky bay with crystal clear water. Good for anchoring and diving when winds blow from the south, southeast and west. However, the bottom of gravel and rock poses the risk of getting the anchor wedged. In summer, a visit to the popular Gran Folies ( with a pool and a fantastic view is recommended. There is also a dinghy shuttle service.

cala llombards

Cala Llombards

The cove is located near the village of Llombards between two pine-covered rocky outcrops and is an excellent anchorage when the wind blows from the south and southeast. The sandy bottom has a depth of 3 to 6 m.

cala mitjana

Cala Mitjana

A great bay to anchor your boat, as the water depth here ranges from 5 to 9 metres on sandy and rocky bottoms. Moreover, this stretch of coast is protected from the wind by the low cliffs and the dense pine forest.

cala mondrago

Cala Mondragó

A very popular destination for boaters. Situated on the low rocky coast of a nature reserve, with little development but Mediterranean vegetation with pines and agaves. The main anchorage is off the northern beach or the western sandy beach. Beware of winds from the east-southeast.

cala murada cala domingos

Cala Murada / Cala Domingos

The small bay is a natural harbour surrounded by rocks with fine, white sand; however, bathing shoes should be worn for swimming because of the stony ground. On land, there are large hotels and apartment complexes that offer sunbeds and umbrellas for a fee. The nearby bay of Cala Domingos is recommended for anchoring.

cala petita

Cala Petita

Cala Patita is a small, charming cove with turquoise waters and a fine sandy beach. It is located in the east of the municipality of Manacor, very close to Porto Cristo. It offers anchorage for boats up to about 12 metres in length, possibly overnight if the sea is calm.

cala pi

Cala Pi

One of the most popular and beautiful anchorages on the island with stone cliffs. The bay is long and narrow, surrounded by green overgrown rocks and ending in front of a beautiful beach. Due to the narrowness of the bay, a stern anchor or stern line is a must. Tacking in the bay is rather problematic. There is a restaurant, a supermarket and even a pharmacy.

cala portals nous

Cala Portals Nous

This cove is located to the west of Palma de Mallorca, just off the posh port of Portals Nous. The water and underwater conditions are suitable for anchoring, the bottom consists of sand and seaweed at a depth of between 2 and 3 metres. On land, there is the Beach Alm restaurant ( and, opposite, the Roxy Beach bar.

cala portals vells

Cala Portals Vells

This sheltered bay with three small beaches of fine sand and a lush pine forest is about 12 nautical miles from Palma. The water is very clear and great for snorkelling. In the trendy restaurant REPOS (+34 971 180 492) you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and fish specialities. Anchoring is especially recommended in front of the caves or near the pier.

cala na foradada

Cala Sa Foradada

Cala Sa Foradada is one of the most beautiful anchorages on the Balearic Islands. Especially at sunset, it offers a unique view of the magnificent, unspoilt mountains of the Sierra de Tramontana and the rocky outcrop of Foradada with its famous round hole. You can anchor in the small bay, but if the wind is from the south, we recommend anchoring on the other side of the rocks.

cala santanyi

Cala Santanyí

Cala Santanyí is a well-protected bay with a sandy beach about 70 metres long and two cosy beach bars. It is well suited for anchoring sailing yachts, especially when the wind blows from the north-northeast. The water depth is between 5 and 8 metres.

cala tuent

Cala Tuent

The cove is 1.5 nm from Sa Calobra. Here you can anchor on a sand and seaweed bottom with a depth of 4-10m and enjoy a view of Mallorca’s highest mountain, Puig Major, 1445m. On the south side you will find the Es Vergeret restaurant (, located in an old finca.

cala varques

Cala Varques

Cala Varquess is a small cove sheltered by pine forest and steep cliffs. With its crystal clear waters and a beautiful beach of fine white sand, it is perfect for relaxing and swimming. Anchoring conditions are good: with more than 6 metres of depth 200 metres from the coast, you can safely moor here.

cala virgili cala mangraner

Cala Virgili / Cala Magraner

In the south-east of the municipality of Manacor lies the small west-facing bay of Cala Virgili. The beach of fine sand is only 20 metres long and is framed on both sides by cliffs. The cliffs of Cala Magraner are often used by athletes and free climbers.

cala de sa calobra

Cala de Sa Calobra

Situated in the shadow of the highest mountain in the Balearics, Puig Major, you will find this picturesque cove. The water and underwater conditions are not good for anchoring, as the winds from the northwest, north and northeast make the coast wild and dangerous. Nevertheless, there are three anchorages: In the southwest of the beach, in the middle of the bay and in the northern area on a bed of rock and sand.

cala de sa calobra

Cala des Marmols

Simply enjoy the beautiful nature of Mallorca – in the dreamlike bay Cala des Marmols. Without any buildings, but with a fine white sandy beach, it is one of the last insider tips on Mallorca. Normally, the bay is only visited by sailors and motorboat drivers. The clean, crystal-clear water has a sandy bottom and a depth of between 3 and 4 metres.

cala figüra

Caló de Sa Figuera

A beautiful, deep bay surrounded by cliffs and with a beach of white sand: the idyllic Caló de Sa Figuera is enticing. But beware: the underwater conditions are dangerous for anchoring when the wind blows from the north and northeast. The bottom consists of sand and stone.


Caló des Moro

For many, Caló des Moro is the most beautiful bay in Mallorca. This small, sheltered bay with a sandy bottom is excellent for anchoring smaller boats. The depth is 3 to 4 metres near the coast. The gorgeous water is crystal clear and shallow.

camp de mar

Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar is just right for anyone who values privacy in the evening hours. At the left end of the bay, you anchor on a sandy bottom with crystal-clear water. The beach at Camp de Mar is large and beautiful. There are numerous restaurants, bars and hotels.


Cap des Pinar

Cap des Pinar forms the outermost point of the Victoria Peninsula and is one of the most important headlands on the island of Mallorca. In the past, the beach of this cove was a restricted area controlled by the military. Today, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the peninsula, which is protected as a nature reserve.


Coll Baix

In the northeast of the municipality of Alcúdia lies the bay Coll Baix. It is quite unprotected and recommended as a night anchorage only with westerly winds. The pebble beach is not very frequented due to difficult access and therefore offers peace and seclusion.

costa de los pinos

Costa de los Pinos

The water is crystal clear throughout the bay and ideal for bathing, swimming and diving. The rugged rocky coastline with a fine sandy beach and a wild, natural landscape amidst evergreen nature is a true paradise. On land is one of the island’s newer beach clubs – the Port Verd del Mar (, which also offers a shuttle service.

bay mallorca el toro

El Toro

Access is from the south or southwest. The bay is located directly at the entrance to our home port of Port Adriano. The water and underwater conditions of sand and seaweed are ideal for anchoring at a depth of 3 to 5 metres. In the harbour itself you will find numerous boutiques and restaurants such as Vino del Mar ( You will also find our office here – we look forward to your visit.

bay mallorca es caragol

Es Caragol

The beautiful Cala Es Caragol overlooking the island of Cabrera is the southernmost bay of Mallorca with a very quiet, white sandy beach and secluded dunes. Be careful when approaching: the coast is not very high, so be careful with the draught.

es trenc

Es Trenc

Anchoring directly in front of the endless natural sandy beach, on a sandy bottom that holds well with some rocky patches and seaweed, is perfect, especially at night. In bad weather, please look out for a stone slab close to the beach.

bay mallorca illetas


The small bay of Illetas is also home to the popular sandy beach with many boutiques and two beach clubs: Las Terrazas Beach Club ( and Virtual Beach Club ( Anchoring conditions are good on a sandy and seaweed bottom at a depth of 3 to 5 metres.